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The Journey of Oriental & Modern Rug

Ararat Carpets stays true to the values and weaving methods from the past. The modern design demands of our customers are also interpreted by adhering to these values. Our oriental or modern carpets are completely hand-woven with 100% natural materials.

On these pages, you will see how a carpet transformed into a work of art by Ararat Carpet, how magnificent colors were obtained, and how it was integrated with the priceless past. In a way that you cannot believe in your eyes, you will learn about the aspects of a carpet that you have never known or seen before.

We have prepared the history and characteristics of the carpets known in the world and produced by Ararat Carpet for you. You will learn about their stories, patterns, materials used and the techniques of how they were obtained, the natural acquisition of eye-catching and magnificent colors, weaving techniques, and other processes that you will not believe in your eyes.

Classification of Hand-woven Rugs

We have collected the classification of hand-woven rugs for you on the following pages with very striking information. We know you will be a little confused and want to have it all. Because all of them are unique and priceless works of art, we love to do this work and keep it alive.


Islamic Rugs Family


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Northwest Persia Rugs Family


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Northwest Persia Rugs Family


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Caucasian Rugs Family


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Islamic Rugs Family


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Anatolian Rugs Family

William Morris

Arts & Crafts Movement

Oversized Rugs Facts

Oversized Rugs

Throughout history, large carpet-weaving workshops were attached to palaces or government offices. As a matter of fact, states were constantly weaving carpets for new palaces, new mosques, and gifts to other countries' palaces, etc. Among the known ones were Seljuk, Mamluk, Safavi, Mugal, and Ottoman workshops. Those workshops did not have any cost concerns.

At the end of the 19th century, workshops producing carpets for the European and American markets were established in the northwestern regions of Iran, first in Tabriz, then in Heriz by reducing the cost and quality. (more)

Design your own rugs.

Customized and Personalized Rugs

We work with you to weave customized and personalized carpets that are 100% natural and completely hand-woven, adhering to old weaving methods to keep your unique memories forever. We immortalize your unique memories, just like the 700-year-old carpets from the past to the present. This could be a family picture your child has drawn. Or it can be a symbol of your family that has survived from the past to the present. Perhaps it may be a unique pattern for your guests that they have not seen and admired before.

Have you seen the wonderful designs of William Morris?

A key figure in the Arts & Crafts Movement, Morris championed a principle of handmade production that didn't chime with the Victorian era's focus on industrial'progress.