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Image Photo: A View From Our Tokyo Showroom
Our Culture

We know and believe that the geography we come from, our past, and our lifestyle are the most important bond between us to carry the oriental carpet art and culture to the next generations along with our core values in our ongoing growth journey.

We are aware that the way to achieve this goal and carry this priceless art and culture to the future depends on a lot of work with all our people every day while adhering to our core values.

For us, art is meaningful in the sense that it brings together various cultures around the world. It is an honor for us that oriental carpet art and culture have been instrumental in this for centuries and that we are a part of this business.

We are tirelessly keeping an eye on auction house information around the world about carpets. New York's Metropolitan, London's Victoria & Albert Museums, and other famous art museums, as well as small specialized museums that house private collections, and books about oriental carpets to collect information on outstanding carpet designs and patterns from around the world. It's our Self-improving and Self-developing culture.

As Turkish Culture of Hospitality, the Kurdish Culture of Generosity, and as Japanese Culture of Business Punctuality; are the most important values that this multicultural background has taught and bequeathed to us. It is essential and valuable for us that you feel this feeling not only by looking at our oriental carpets but from the moment you contact us.



We would like to share some pictures which our customers has shared with us. Thank you...