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Welcome to Ararat Rugs
Discover the
artistry of Eastern
Where age-old techniques converge with contemporary
innovation to craft bespoke Oriental rugs.
Bespoke Oversize Rugs
World's Finest
Oversized Rugs
Hand-spun wool, natural dyes, and hand-weaving looms
unite in each masterpiece.
Voyage of Rug
All from nature, all
natural, all hand
The voyage of rug. We offer you an unique experience.
Oriental & Modern Rugs
We keep the
traditional culture
We bring a unique dimension to the past and the
Natural Colors
Amazing colors
from nature
All of these colors are obtained naturally from nature.
We dye wool
with traditional
Only natural methods are used when dyeing wool.
Harmony of True Colors

Unique pieces that bring the past and the present together. These unique colors and patterns in our oriental and modern rugs are obtained with the oldest weaving techniques and natural methods.

Dimensions: 6'11" X 11'8"(213cm x 358cm) Model: ART00227
The source of the carpet comes from the book The Kevorkoff Carpet, Hali Magazine 1994 Issue 73. This is a large and brilliantly colored, derivation fr..
Ex Tax:$22,000
Dimensions: 4'11" X 6'8"(150cm x 204cm) Model: ART00322
The source of the carpet comes from the book Orient Star - A Carpet Collection, E. Heinrich Kirchheim, Hali Publications Ltd, 1993 nr.81. This is an e..
Ex Tax:$5,700
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Dimensions: 5'8" X 8'0"(173cm x 245cm) Model: ART00515
The source of the rug comes from the book Antique Rugs of Kurdistan A Historical Legacy of Woven Art, James D. Burns, 2002 nr.4. This was an exclusive..
Ex Tax:$8,960
Dimensions: 4'3" X 6'7"(130cm x 203cm) Model: ART00450
The source of the rug comes from the book Oriental Rugs Volume 1 Caucasian, Ian Bennett, Oriental Textile Press, Aberdeen 1993, pg.160. A distinctive ..
Ex Tax:$2,950
Dimensions: 5'9" X 7'10"(177cm x 240cm) Model: ART00531
This is a Bidjar rug designed in the 19th century from the Bidjar region, also known as Bijar, which is a region in northwestern Iran known for produc..
Ex Tax:$9,300
Dimensions: 5'2" X 6'5"(158cm x 197cm) Model: ART00564
The design source of the rug comes from the book Renaissance of Islam, Art of the Mamluks, Esin Atil, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington D.C., ..
Ex Tax:$6,500
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Dimensions: 4'5" X 6'7"(137cm x 202cm) Model: ART00567
This unique design rug is interpreted by our designers with a composition of pictorial village life. Color summary:  11 colors in total; Yellow ..
Ex Tax:$4,250
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Dimensions: 5'8" X 9'0"(173cm x 275cm) Model: ART00316
The source of carpet comes from the book Orient Star - A Carpet Collection, E. Heinrich Kirchheim, Hali Publications Ltd, 1993 nr.161. This exceptiona..
Ex Tax:$5,400
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Meet our studio

We will be happy to welcome you in our studio to meet the
oriental rug culture and art, and to give you striking information
about our products and services.

Oriental Rugs

We produce all the nobility of the past in completely natural ways by staying true to the old.

Modern Rugs

The change of patterns over time comes to life in the most modern way with old and natural methods.

Customized Rugs

The design is yours, maybe a portrait or your child’s first painting becomes immortal with our studios.

Oversized Rugs

With the world’s largest one-piece rug woven-loom for museums, palaces and magnificent buildings.


In our studios, we repair the most valuable and old carpets in the world in accordance with the original.

Natural Dye

We present the wonderful colors that we have obtained naturally in our laboratory, adhering to the old methods.

Wool Yarn

We offer wool yarn obtained by shaving sheep and then spinning by human hands through natural processes.


We consider your requests to add value to the work of producers or studios and to create natural environments.

Natural Materials

Natural & Root Dye





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