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Customized and Personalized Rugs

You can evaluate our approach to this issue in two ways. The first is hand-woven natural carpets in the dimensions you want. The second is that a pattern or design you want is completely hand-woven and naturally produced, remaining true to traditional methods. For example, this can be a design that you want very much and symbolizes your family, or it can be a picture painted by your loved one or even your child. Of course, it can also be special work for your company, organization, or music group.

Customized Rugs - Traditional,Modern, Natural, Handwoven

Photo: Carpet produced by Ararat Rugs for the Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporter Associations (ITKIB) to be represented in international competitions.

In your private space where you spend your time, you can display these valuable works as a panel on the wall or immortalize a corner of your room. We transform designs that have a meaning in your life and add value to you, in traditional and completely natural ways, into works of art that you can proudly display for decades. Based on our experience, we can say that it is a wonderful feeling. For example, our work with symbols representing Italian families from the past to the present was invaluable.

We create the sizes you want and the designs you specify with pleasant work together. All of the methods used are handmade, and all of the materials are natural.

The carpet you see in the photo on the left side is one of two carpets produced by Ararat Rugs for the Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporter Associations (ITKIB). Carpet will take part in prestigious competitions (2022)

About the process

Our teams prepare a business plan for the rug in the size and design you request. We share some of the topics in this business plan as a flow below. Our teams inform you in detail by e-mail once a week about the rug you have ordered. You will see what awaits you momentarily before and after the work starts, and you will reach the actual rug you dreamed of.

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