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Collaboration with Interior Designers

Carpets are often used as a floor-covering option by interior designers to add texture, color, and comfort to a room. They can also help to absorb sound and reduce noise. Interior designers may choose carpets based on a room’s intended use, the client’s preferences, and the overall design scheme. Carpets can be paired with other design elements such as furniture, wall coverings, and lighting to create a cohesive and stylish space. Interior designers use carpets as a design element to enhance the look and feel of a room or space, taking into consideration factors such as MaterialColorTexture & Pattern to complement the overall aesthetic. They may also consider practical considerations such as the carpet’s durability, ease of maintenance, and suitability for the intended use of the room, taking into account the room’s existing decor, lighting, and furniture. 
Carpets can be expensive. And because a large-scale item like that is going to have a significant effect on the way a room looks and feels, choosing one can be intimidating. The right rug may live in your home for decades. The wrong carpet will serve as a daily reminder of the money you wasted — and the money you’ll have to spend if you want to replace it. And getting it wrong is all too easy, given the range of materials, colors, patterns, and sizes available. Finding the ideal rug is a “complicated puzzle.” Well, carpets can be a valuable accessory for your rooms as long as you know how to choose them by means of solving that complicated puzzle. More information at our Blog article: Useful Tips on Choosing the Right Carpet

With exhibition & museum visits, our books, magazines & knowledge related carpets, our Middle Eastern origin, and Japanese point of view, we always try to look from a different perspective, without considering a single source or organization. By reflecting this in our products and production stages, we strive to direct our customers, business partners & interior designers in the right direction. -Hakan KARAR, Ararat Rugs CEO

At Ararat Rugs, we work day and night tirelessly, increase our knowledge, spend resources and time visiting museums, participate in auctions and events, and see the carpets physically, feeling and touching them. Without compromising on the usage of natural materials, by collaborating with universities and local authorities, we empower women to have jobs, keep forgotten ancient art alive and pass it on to future generations, bring handicrafts back to life, environmentally friendly and conscious products, we have this knowledge and experience. We want to share this experience with the leading interior designers and contribute to each other’s development by constantly exchanging ideas.
Overall, carpets play an important role in interior design and can significantly impact a room’s look, feel, and function. Ararat Rugs is here to help interior designers with all our expertise, knowledge, and passion. Please feel free to ask our expertise about our %100 Natural materials & colors, hand-woven unique design oversize & customized carpets.
 Our carpets have a voyage: from nature to exclusive owners, so let’s be a part of this voyage together!