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Talish Boteh Rug

Talish Boteh Rug
Talish Boteh Rug
Talish Boteh Rug
Talish Boteh Rug
Talish Boteh Rug
Talish Boteh Rug
Talish Boteh Rug
Talish Boteh Rug
Model: ART00482Talish Boteh Rug
This is a boteh rows design rug from the late 19th century, Talish Kazak region, Caucasus area. Rugs with diagonal rows of boteh can be found throughout the Caucasus and Persia. In the Caucasus itself, the best-known boteh rugs are from the Baku district in the central east coastal area, one particular group of which is known as boteh-hila in the carpet trade. This design is found also in Saliani pieces from the Baku district, Gendje, and some other Caucasian rugs. However, we should note the somewhat sugary pink, which is a particular feature of many Karabagh weavings. Baku/Saliani rugs differ from most Karabagh pieces in having cotton or mixed wool and cotton wefts. This rug has rows of botehs covered with floral composition in the field and is framed with a series of borders, the main is a crab design. The design of the rug is interpreted by our designers, and soft colors are chosen for this rug. 

Color summary:  12 colors in total;
  • Red Robin  125 (Spurge - Madder Root)
  • Dark Brown  316 (No Dye - Sheep’s Own Color)
  • Caramel  537 (Tea)
  • Dark Sky Blue 23 (Indigo)
  • Russian Green  418 (Henna - Indigo)
  • Gunmetal Blue  409 (Indigo)
  • Pale Green  439 (Chamomile - Indigo)
  • Congo Pink  306 (Madder Root)
  • Falu Red  400 (Madder Root - Henna - Walnut Husk)
  • Celtic Blue 22 (Indigo)
  • Deer  528 (Madder Root )
  • Gold  429 (Reseda Luteola)
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Group: Caucasian Rugs Family Area: Kazak Material of Pile: Natural Dyed Hand-spun Wool Material Warp / Weft: Wool on Wool Structure: Symmetrical knot Knots Density: 36x29 Pile (mm): 5 Production Place: GAZİANTEP OĞUZELİ Pattern Code: YLD 4540 120X175 AR0187 Weight: 6.70kg Location: Istanbul Stock: In Stock

4 ft 1 in x 6 ft 1 in ( 125cm x 186cm )

    Ex Tax: $2,850

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