Voyage Of Rug Learning-by-Washing

Our clothes wear out as they are washed, but contrary to the usual, natural woven carpets become fresher and more beautiful as they are washed.

As Ararat Rugs, we have been providing carpet cleaning services in Japan at a very advanced level for five years; we are the leading and most preferred carpet-cleaning company by many customers. For this reason, we wash carpets and rugs of many types: hand-woven, machine-woven, hand-tufted, natural dyed, synthetic-dyed, silk, wool, polyester, cotton, hemp and low and high quality, big size small size, new and antique carpets from different countries all around the world. We have the opportunity to observe their durability. In this way, we encounter new products and techniques every day and gain experience with different types of carpets. Therefore, we touch each of them, learning by washing and contributing to our knowledge and expertise. We see that the high-quality material carpets are getting better, but the rest remain at their current status or are getting worse.

Our customers also learn about their carpets and rugs, and we try to educate them with real examples like the yarns and warps, the dyeing, lightfastness, and wash-fastness properties of the carpets, etc. Also specific to older Japanese customers, It is known that natural dyes (Kusakizome) do not last long in silks used for Kimonos in Japan. The typical Japanese image is that they are natural but not very durable and long-lasting. While explaining natural dye to our Japanese customers, we provide examples of antique wool carpets to prove that they have survived to the present day intact.