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Oversized rugs are classified as carpets longer than 6 meters (20 feet) in width or length. Producing these carpets requires experience and is extremely difficult. The details in the designs are the sophistication of the traditional and modern symbols and colors in the patterns that adorn the designs. The perfect harmony of patterns and colors in carpets created with hundreds of thousands of knots is the result of passion and handwork. Our oversize carpets are woven in one piece on the world's largest weaving looms, completely adhering to traditional methods, in natural ways. Today, as in the past, oversize rugs are produced as a result of special orders, which usually decorate the homes or places of wealthy individuals and families, or as a symbol of reputation in museums, palaces, churches, hotels and similar areas. These are magnificent monumental rugs and a must-have for large spaces.

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Throughout history, large carpet weaving workshops were attached to palaces or government offices. As a matter of fact, states were constantly weaving carpets for new palaces, new mosques and gifts to other countries palaces vs. Among the known ones were Seljuk, Mamluk, Safavi, Mugal and Ottoman workshops. These workshops did not have any cost concerns.